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What We Do!

Corporate Programs

Employees are your most valuable asset!

Most companies understand that their most valuable assets are their customers and their employees. Why not let them know!!! MARKit Branding can help your organization develop a program that will turn words into action resulting in LOYALTY THAT WILL LAST! Anniversary Programs, Wellness Programs, Customer Loyalty Programs, Incentives, etc… may be the difference in keeping a valued employee or customer from running to the competition.

Branded Apparel

Dress like a champ. Perform like a champion!

It doesn’t matter if your team meets in the boardroom or on the field you want them to have the identity of a winner. Show off your company colors and take your brand beyond the office!

Promotional Products

Get your SWAG on!

SWAG - Something We All Get?…Doesn’t sound that exciting does it? However, a well thought out promotional product from the MARKit Branding Solutions experts can take your next campaign, event or incentive from Something We All Get to SOMETHING THEY ALL WANT!


Welcome to the 21st Century.

My how times have changed! If you aren’t offering your employees an online portal for Company Branded product your missing the boat. MARKit Branding Solutions offers a variety of platforms for companies big and small. Company Stores offer your employees a familiar way to show off company pride plus gives employers the ability to reward standout performers.


Dress for succes…your customers will notice!

Whether you are a 10 person construction company, a 3 location restaurant chain or a convenience store with 2,000 locations, an employee in uniform brings a certain level of professionalism that sets an organization apart from their competition. Dress for Success…Dress for PROFIT!

Custom Products | Imports

Looking to get creative!! This is where we thrive.

When you have that certain project that you really need the WOW factor, MARKit Branding Solutions has the creativity, experience and resources to come up with something totally unique that will help your company stand out in the crowd. Custom Packaging, Custom Design... CUSTOM ANYTHING!